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brighten up your day with our revolutionery sun linghts
We are confident in the quality of our productst and provide five year warranty. Implementing unique thermal conductive materials we incresed service life of our LED's up to 200000 hours.
We provide a complete installation, commissioning and a full maintenance service for all our products.
Our company has developed a revolutionary polymer coating for LEDs, emitting light in a spectrum close to the light of the sun, when photons pass through it.
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We've created a perfect lighting for people living in northern regions, polar territories and working without access to natural light. This include people who work for long periods of time in the subway, underground mines, production workshops, military facilities, schools, kindergartens and also the entire population in high latitudes.

Our lights solve the problem of visual adaptation affects performance, when eyes get tired from the constant transition of bright and faint light, which leads to rapid eye fatigue, mood swings and depression, affects circadian rhythms and overall wellbeing of people negatively.
Lights for home and office
Using our lighting technology embryonic mortality stays under 6%, and the growth of juvenile fish is accelerated by 20-40% compared to traditional methods of illumination. At the same time diurnal rations are reduced by 3-5% and the conversion of consumed food is improved by 25-30%. Improvement of physiological state is guaranteed and the resistance to lack of oxygen and the hydro-ionoresistance of juveniles increase.
Using our lights on cattle farms cattle, in calves by 6 months of age the living weight will be higher by 8%, and the average daily gain - by 11%. This mode of illumination helps to reduce morbidity and improve the safety of calves at a 15- 20%. Irradiation of animals with sunlight not only increases growth and meat production of bull-calves, but also quality of meat.

Our lights allow to increase growth of production in greenhouses for a shorter period by 30% and also to ensure better overall quality of products. Shortened growth period and increased harvest together bring enormous financial benefits.
Factory "before" and "after" installation of our lights
In the production process low quality lighting reduces the attention of the personnel to important details, causes fatigue and drowsiness, worsens orientation and leads to occupational injuries and accidents, productivity and quality of products decrease. Avoid such effects complitely with our FULL SPECTRUM LIGHTS.
Lights for greenhouses and farms
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